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POSTED: March 18, 2022
BUSINESS: AsedaSciences
START DATE: Immediate Availability


AsedaSciences performs cell-based phenotypic screening to determine the biological and physiological effects of small molecule compounds on defined cell types. The information generated is used to estimate risk of compound failure due to toxic effects, usually in the context of a pharmaceutical development pipeline. Planned future screens will inform mechanisms of action and provide means of lead compound discovery for cellular signaling pathways of specific therapeutic value.  Data generation is dependent on the capabilities of the company to perform cell-based screen protocols that include automated liquid handling and automated flow cytometry, as well as management of compound metadata and screening QC procedures.

High quality data, generated from reproducible cellular phenotypic screens, requires excellence in cell culture. AsedaSciences is striving to maintain cell culture as one of the core competencies of the Company and must always maintain scientific and operational expertise in this area. The screening service that AsedaSciences provides is dependent on the capabilities of the company to reproducibly grow and maintain the required human cell lines at the appropriate performance level necessary for delivering accurate risk predictions – a critical requirement for our clients to enable correct classification and prioritization of safer compounds. As the hands-on cell culture scientist, this role requires exceptional cell handling technique and attention to detail to ensure cells are grown, maintained, and delivered in an uncontaminated and metabolically staged state to support the phenotypic screening services.


  • Source cells, as required, from the appropriate suppliers
  • Grow, expand and scale diverse cell cultures from primary vendor stock
  • Must be proficient at creating cryostorage samples, for back up purposes, and to support scheduled restart of cell lines for use within limited passage numbers
  • Must be proficient at expanding cell cultures up to and maintaining roller bottle scale
  • Develop and document SOP’s for new cell culture procedures. Ensure work instructions are written with sufficient detail to be replicated accurately and successfully by new staff
  • Writing of project documentation including test methods, test reports and validation protocols
  • Required to document and track original and subsequent passages of cells in compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) as defined by the Company to meet GLP standards
  • Maintain cell stocks and cultures in a clean environment with no contamination. Must maintain sterile cell culture conditions using excellent sterile technique
  • Maintain multiple lines (flasks / bottles) of cultured cells to ensure that there is appropriate cell volume to complete the forecasted services and to ensure availability of back up stock for disaster recovery
  • Ensure all flasks and bottles are accurately labeled according to the naming convention as defined in AsedaSciences SOP’s to maintain traceability and meet GLP requirements
  • Read SOPs, methods, and facility guidelines used in the workplace in a timely manner and adhere to those procedures
  • Recognize when technical operations deviate from accepted practices. Document and report such deviations and work with management to ensure solutions are implemented
  • Ensure correct buffer and reagent solutions are prepared, used within their expiration date and appropriate documents are maintained
  • Work with lab manager to maintain critical inventory for all required cell culture supplies and equipment. Ensure replacement orders are executed in sufficient time to eliminate the risk of “out-of-stock” situations for critical cell culture supplies. Minimize scrap by maintaining good inventory control practices
  • Organize, clean and maintain cell culture space in accordance with GLP guidelines
  • Contribute to the development and validation of equipment and biological assays necessary for meeting GLP and customer expectations and to meet any service contract requirements
  • Perform necessary Quality Control tests to ensure that performance requirements for all cell lines are maintained
  • Maintain all equipment according to the associated SOP’s and organize and complete service and certification of all cell culture equipment to ensure they are functioning to specification. Organize service providers to repair equipment within 48 hours of equipment malfunction, or as is reasonable to allow for the service provider to schedule a service professional
  • Maintain accurate records of all equipment maintenance and calibrations required to meet manufacturers recommendations and GLP requirements
  • Review scientific literature on an on-going basis to understand best practices and critical requirements for the cell lines used by the Company
  • Maintain the necessary gas supplies (e.g. CO2 system) to ensure cell culture health is maintained to the required performance levels
  • Ability to respond to various alarms and emergency situations to ensure the integrity and viability of the cell lines are maintained at all times
  • Meet all data entry requirements, according to AsedaSciences SOP’s. Must pass all quality audits relative to data entry and integrity

Minimum Requirements:

  • BSc or MSc in biology or related fields. A minimum of 5 years of tissue culture experience is required with a demonstrated ability to maintain sterility
  • Knowledge of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) requirements for cell culture is an advantage
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in maintaining tissue culture incubators
  • Ability to work effectively and independently in a team environment
  • A basic understanding of the biological properties of the most common human cell lines
  • Excellent sterile technique
  • Ability to prepare reagents to stringent quality control requirements
  • Minimum of three references for validation of technical skills and experience
  • Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills
  • History of stringent adherence to SOP’s with supporting evidence or references
  • Strong (oral and written) communication and presentation skills
  • Self-motivated and excited by opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge
  • Work history of excellent attendance and a track record of reliability and dependability
  • High degree of manual dexterity and ability to wear respirator/filter mask


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