Molecular Biology Lead

POSTED: December 14,2018
BUSINESS: Inari Agriculture, Inc.
START DATE: Immediate Availability

About the role…
This is a great opportunity for a dynamic and self-motivated Scientist to join our fast-growing and collaborative team. This is a lab-based, molecular biology role with a focus on vector construction. The Scientist will lead a team and directly participate in the production of vector constructs for plant gene editing.

About Inari...
Inari Agriculture, Inc. is an exciting early stage, high growth company working to create a winning global food system for all. We’re taking a revolutionary approach to transform plant breeding and contribute to a transparent agriculture system that is climate resilient and respectful of the environment, promotes nutrition and health, empowers all farmers, and can continue to feed the growing global population. To solve these hard problems for world changing impact, we’re fearless in asking the questions no one else is, and determined to find the answers no one has yet.

Our success is dependent on great minds, collaborating to generate bright ideas and deliver exceptional outcomes. Started in 2016 in Cambridge, MA, we have over 60 employees, and are now expanding our research and development capabilities with new facilities and teams in West Lafayette, IN and Ghent, Belgium. Our interdisciplinary R&D team brings expertise in biology, agronomy, genetics, data science, and software engineering, and is supported by an exceptional global Scientific Advisory Board. If you want to be part of a diverse and inclusive team developing unique solutions to feed the world without starving the planet we’d love to hear from you!

As Molecular Biology Lead, you will…

  • Lead a high-throughput vector design and construction pipeline and be responsible for quality control and delivery of constructs to the plant transformation team by the requested deadlines
  • Optimize protocols developed by the R & D team for a production-scale environment
  • Be responsible for quality control
  • Supervise a team of Research Associates, train and instruct lab personnel in specific technical experimental protocols
  • Work with other Scientists and Research Associates to plan and execute experiments, conduct analyses, record data and report results related to one or more projects.
  • Interpret data; maintain an accurate, comprehensible, and current laboratory journal.
  • Communicate results in written technical reports and oral presentation.
  • Be available for immediate hire

You bring....

  • A doctorate degree in a relevant scientific discipline (e.g. molecular biology, synthetic biology, plant biotechnology, microbiology)
  • Five or more years of experience working in a laboratory environment (can include graduate work)
  • Extensive experience with both basic and advanced recombinant DNA cloning techniques, including restriction cloning, Golden Gate assembly, Gibson assembly, and PCR-based assembly
  • Experience with previously generating at least 50 different vector constructs using at least three different cloning methods
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience with molecular techniques, including oligonucleotide and gene fragment design and synthesis, quantification and isolation of DNA and RNA, PCR genotyping, sequencing analysis, media preparation, bacterial culture, sterile technique
  • Knowledge of genome editing technologies
  • Demonstrated project management skills
  • Familiarity with Geneious, Benchling, or other software for plasmid design and sequenceanalysis
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral
  • Curiosity and a desire to continuously learn and have a meaningful impact
  • Creative and strategic thinking, willingness to be bold and take risks
  • A collaborative approach, open to giving and receiving ideas, perspectives, and feedback across multiple site locations

Additional Qualifications...

  • Experience working in a production-scale environment
  • Knowledge of gene expression analyses
  • Experience leading research teams
  • Experience designing plant transformation vectors and generating transformed plant lines

Application Instructions:

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