Post-Doctoral Fellow, Proteoformics Research Scientist

POSTED: October 25, 2017
POSITION TYPE: Post-Doctoral Fellow
START DATE: Immediate Availability


The Post-Doctoral Researcher who fills this position will develop analytical strategies for the new field of proteoformics; that being the analysis of a structural isoform family derived from a protein-coding gene. The initial phase of this work will involve a substantial amount of organic syntheses directed at the production of cross-reactive immunosorbents for the selection and analysis of proteoform families. Matrices derived from this work will be incorporated into miniaturized analytical systems for the purpose of identifying and quantifying diagnostic proteoforms in complex biological extracts by liquid chromatographic (LC) and mass spectral (MS) analysis in both the bottom-up and top-down modes. Having completed the requisite early stage R&D this scientist will participate in the analysis of pharmaceuticals, metabolites, and proteins by LC, MS, and LC-MS/MS using these matrices in diagnostic systems.

This scientist will have a substantial knowledge of organic chemistry, independently handle the ordering of requisite equipment and supplies, assist in the maintenance of the laboratory and equipment being used, establish and maintain data files, and produce presentations describing their work. Working with other individual in the laboratory in a harmonious and productive manner is a critical component of this job. 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions)

  • Perform organic and inorganic syntheses.
  • Workup and purify the products of organic reactions.
  • Analyze the products of syntheses.
  • Operate 2D liquid chromatography systems.
  • Learn to operation and use mass spectrometers in the analysis of blood samples.
  • Carry out LC-MS/MS analyses of drugs, metabolites and proteins in blood.
  • independently order the requisite supplies for the work described above, track the orders, and assist in preparing an inventory of laboratory reagents.
  • Assist in the maintenance of the laboratory and equipment therein.
  • Keep detailed daily records of their research activities.
  • Summarize and prepare power-point presentations of the work being performed.

Supervision Received 

  • Supervision will be provided by JinHee Kim and Fred Regnier.

Supervision Exercised

  • May monitor and coordinate the work of students and temps.


  • Education: PhD in Chemistry. 
  • Work Experience: None required.
  • Skills and Attributes: Good interpersonal skills, an aptitude for organizational and time-management, and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The individual should be able to assume substantial responsibility while working independently, have a strong desire to be successful, love chemistry, and take pride in being part of a world-class team. 


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