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POSTED: August 3, 2021
BUSINESS: Novilytic
START DATE: Immediate Availability

About Novilytic

Novilytic, LLC is an exciting biochemistry analytics company that secures lifesaving drugs and medical devices. Our focus is to provide new technologies that will revolutionize the Pharmaceutical market. Our technology is protected with registered patents that will drive the growth of our products leading to a very valuable company.

As an early stage start-up, we provide new employees with competitive salaries, benefits, and the opportunity to attain equity in the company.  Novilytic also provides an opportunity to take leading edge science and software and apply it where it will make the most difference – to everyone’s health.  If you love working with a great team and have a passion for making the world a little safer and healthier for all, come join us!


About the Staff Analytical Scientist

The Staff Analytical Scientist is a keystone position within Novilytic. Novilytic develops various analytical tools for complex biological extracts.  A variety of qualitative and quantitative chromatographic (LC) and mass spectral (MS) analyses are the key underpinning of these analytical tools.

The Staff Analytical Scientist will be part of a team involved in sample preparation, method development, data analysis and instrument development. The scientist will perform assessment of pharmaceuticals, metabolites, and proteins in biological extracts using liquid chromatographic (LC), ultraviolet/visible (UV-Vis)spectroscopy and/or mass spectral (MS) analysis methods and data analysis. This individual will independently handle duties including ordering the requisite supplies for their work, assisting in the maintenance of the laboratory and equipment being used, establish and maintain reports on their research findings, and produce presentations for participation in team meetings.  A critical component of this job is to maintain close communication with directors of each department of the laboratory in a harmonious and productive manner. 

In short, the Staff Analytical Scientist will be a team contributor who can help us cement the future of Novilytic.

Position Details

  • Responsibilities:
    • Perform preparation and assessment of sorbents for chromatography applications
    • Collaboration with cross-functional product line directors and scientists
    • Assist LC and LC-MS based method development under supervision
    • Work independently
    • Maintain laboratory and equipment
    • Keep detailed daily records of research activities
    • Summarize and prepare worksheets, PowerPoint presentation, and report the work being performed to the supervisor and team 
  • Required:
    • BS/MS in Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry or Chemical Engineering
    • Significant experience in a commercial or academic laboratory
    • Advanced training in chromatography and separation science
    • Product and Project development training
    • Excellent communication skills and work ethic 
  • Skills and Experience
    • Chromatography and separation technology applications (chromatography column packing experience is highly desired)
    • Building prototype instruments, and troubleshooting skills
    • Organization and time-management skills to meet the company’s timeline
    • Programming and coding skills are desirable
    • Organic chemistry synthesis background is preferred
    • Strong interpersonal skills – a real team player
    • Propensity to be kind with good empathetic skills
    • >3years’ experience in the specified area
  • About You
    • Entrepreneurial, self-directed
    • Excited to grow a world-class instrument business
    • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
    • Willing and able to work in the Indianapolis / West Lafayette area 
  • Benefits
    • People: Novilytic attracts the most creative and intelligent people in the world!
    • Excellent healthcare benefits, generous vacation time
    • Training, education and conference allowances
    • Competitive salary with equity opportunity

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to

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