Scientist: Analytical Chemist

POSTED: January 11, 2021
BUSINESS: Novosteo
START DATE: Immediate Availability

Compensation: Competitive but negotiable based on experience

Benefits: Health insurance, 401K can be offered as part of this position

Job Summary:

Novosteo was founded to reduce the morbidity, mortality and loss of productivity associated with bone fractures. Based on discoveries of agents that accelerate bone regeneration and breakthroughs in methods to target these agents selectively to fracture surfaces, Novosteo has designed a series of fracture-targeted drugs that concentrate a drug's healing power specifically at the fracture site, thereby greatly accelerating and improving the healing process.

The mission of Novosteo is to reduce the debilitating and often life-threatening effects of bone fractures. This Job provides the exciting opportunity to be part of an innovative team contributing to the development and discovery of new pharmacological solutions for life threatening orthopedic diseases.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Analytical characterization of synthesized chemicals and biological PK samples

• Quantify target compounds in biological samples

• Maintain and manage analytical equipment

• Synthesize, purify, and characterize novel chemical compounds

• Prepare compounds, test solutions and reagents to conduct tests and experiments, then advising and coordinating on test procedures

• Determine the relationships of chemical and physical properties, composition, structures, and reactions of organic and inorganic compounds using chromatography, spectrophotometry, and spectroscopy techniques

• Develop, improve, and customize equipment, products, formulas, analytical methods, and processes

• Consult with engineers and scientists on analysis, interpretation, and development of tests

• Document findings in technical papers and reports, preparing specifications and testing standards

• Clean and maintain laboratory instruments and equipment, making sure that all the technology is working correctly, if it is not, troubleshoot the issue or problem. Conduct quality control tests to ensure no compounds or equipment are contaminated

• Order laboratory supplies and chemicals, keeping an eye on expiration dates

• Manage chemical waste and glass disposal

• Contribute towards large experiments and projects

Qualifications and Skills

• Experience with mass spectrometry (especially QTOF and QQQ)

• Experience with compound purification (prep HPLC)

• Proteomics experience

• Experience with organic synthesis, or peptide chemistry

• PhD in chemistry with a focus on analytical chemistry or organic chemistry (or in related areas such as Biochemistry

• 8 years lab experience

• Good communication: Good communication skills are key as work will be with a team, thus, communicating with others effectively is crucial.

• Written communication skills to publish finding and prepare reports.

• Experience with Microsoft word, excel, power point, graph pad prism, mestrenova, chemdraw and other analytical software

• Critical thinking and problem-solving

• Time management

• Analytical and data manipulation skills

• Organizational skills

• Patience and determination

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