Software Engineer (Robot Perception/CV/AI)

POSTED: April 14, 2020
START DATE: Immediate Availability

Would you like to join an awesome and quickly growing team that is deploying exciting agricultural technology across the USA?

About The Company:
● Rogo is an Ag-Tech company that helps farmers apply fertilizer more efficiently. To do that, we build and operate autonomous robots that have collected over 100K acres of soil samples within the past year.
● Meet our quickly growing team at that is headquartered in
West Lafayette, IN.
● Our team respects each other deeply, while at the same debating ideas fiercely to get to
the best solution. At Rogo, a growth mindset, knowledge and real results effort.
● Join us on our path to improve both Precision Agriculture and the peoples’ lives we touch along the way (including our own team).

Job Description:
● Goal: Improve robot and human safety and efficiency
● Identify problems, solve them, design solutions, build them, test them, repeat.
● Work independently but tackle big challenges with collaboration
● Convert projects into weekly goals and produce progress every week
● Mix of office research & design with some in-field testing

Potential Project Examples:
● Improve detection of both positive (like a rock) and negative (like hole) obstacles
● Determining amount of soil in plastic bag/container under various lighting conditions
● Identifying crop rows and/or rows of crop stubble in fields
● Apply AI to optimize top potential efficiency pains

Desired Profile
● Great communicator, problem definer and solver, core values fit
● Breakdown problems with algebra & logic
● Test design & execution (regression testing & test domains)
● Data analysis & presentation in a modern tool (excel, matlab, sheets etc)

Core Skills:
● Basics: object oriented design, improving algorithm efficiency
● Computer Vision: camera based, radar/pt cloud based
● AI: Building, training and implementing AI/DL models/networks

Core Experience:
● Projects: CV/perception, Pt Cloud Environmental Modeling, AI, Familiar with relevant
● Systems: Linux, C++ or Python

● Robot Localization/Fusion, Dynamic Route Optimization Algorithms

Start Date & Location
● Start in May 2020
● Willing to work in Wolcott, IN / Lafayette, Indiana area

Compensation / Benefits
● Full-Time Salary (based on market, experience, & skill)
● PTO - Flexible Vacation Plan (Self-managed as long as you get your work done)

Why apply?
● Work with exciting Ag-technology for a purpose.
● Work with an amazing, quickly growing team.
● Challenge yourself to grow in many different areas.

Interested? Please go here for the application form:


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