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Open-ended, Multidisciplinary Challenges Welcome

Projects suitable for Capstone Plus must include these qualities:

  • Open-ended question requiring the evaluation of multiple solutions
  • Complex and challenging issue demanding innovation and outside-the-box thinking
  • Subject matter knowledge beyond students’ coursework is required that necessitates self-directed learning
  • Scope of the problem is sufficiently wide to benefit from a team-centered approach
  • Multidisciplinary challenge requiring students from more than one discipline for successful completion

Available disciplines include multiple engineering- technology specialties and other related fields, eg, computer graphics and visualization, information technology, and quality assurance. Please contact us for more information.

Sponsorship Yields Immediate and Long-term Benefits

Choosing to sponsor a Capstone Plus project:

  • Addresses important challenges without burdening your in-house resources
  • Can attract highly-qualified talent to your company
  • Supports the development of a highly trained regional and national workforce

Exploring unmet needs and advancing knowledge in a project area benefits sponsors, even when the project does not result in a commercially-viable solution. Capstone Plus results will be made available to sponsors to assist with future projects.

Capstone Plus Offers a Mentorship Opportunity

Capstone Plus sponsors must:

  • Provide any unusual or extremely costly materials specific to their projects (to be agreed upon prior to item procurement)
  • Be willing to provide a mentor to their Capstone Plus teams
  • Participate in project assessment events
  • Submit a membership fee

Students devote hundreds of hours to Capstone Plus projects throughout the year. As a sponsor, you can guide students in developing practical skillsets needed in today’s workforce.

Getting Started is Easy

Most sponsors find it easiest to start by gathering information on several potential projects. When choosing topics, remember that project results are typically presented in class and may be subject to open discussion. The use of trade secrets and other confidential information may not be prudent for a Capstone Plus project.

A Capstone Plus representative will meet with you to discuss the context for each project idea. For each potential project that meets Capstone Plus requirements, you will be asked to prepare a one-page project description. Students will utilize this description in choosing a project, so it is crucial that the description generates enthusiasm for your development goals.

Students Participate September - April

Capstone Plus project timeline:

  • January – March: sign up to sponsor one or more teams, identify potential projects
  • May 30: deadline to file completed sponsorship paperwork
  • September 1: sponsors notified of team project selection
  • December: 1st semester project reviews
  • April: final project reviews
  • April 30: final invoices to sponsors


Choose Powerful Business Development from the Krannert School of Management

The Krannert School of Management at Purdue provides unparalleled access to collegiate business talent. Well-qualified undergraduate seniors and graduate students at Krannert can participate in multi-disciplinary projects, addressing the marketing implications of development options and bringing projects one step closer to commercial viability.

Krannert offers three options for marketing involvement, allowing sponsors to choose the type of marketing that provides the best fit for each project. Contact us to learn more.


Market Research

We perform specialized research to promote commercial success for Capstone Plus products.

Marketing team members review the newly-developed marketing plan to identify assumptions that require validation through research activities. Team members choose one or more research goals and delve into the available data. The type of research undertaken varies by project, but in general, goals may include

  • Identifying target customer characteristics
  • Determining customer behaviors, eg, product use patterns
  • Establishing price sensitivity for the target customer
  • Evaluating market segment growth potential



Tactical Marketing Project

We promote your product in a real-world marketing campaign.

After market research is complete, marketing team members identify marketing activities of special merit for your project and implement them as part of a marketing campaign. Depending on your product, a unique blend of activities may be selected. In general, marketing activities may include:

  • Trade show displays
  • Search engine optimization and web analytics
  • Beta testing or user evaluations
  • Social media campaigns
  • Channel selling activities

Krannert provides marketing plan development, market research, and a marketing activity as a holistic approach to enhancing the commercial viability of your development project.



Marketing Plan Development

We create a plan to guide your product’s development and market entry.

Marketing team members collaborate with technical teams to understand the potential features and functions of new products on an intimate level. Krannert students work to communicate product benefits, identify target distribution channels, and solidify brand positioning in the market. The resulting marketing plan will guide future product development, market entry, and product management.

All multidisciplinary Capstone Plus projects include the development of a complete marketing plan.



Contact us today to learn more about the Krannert School of Management’s robust business development services for your next project.

For more information on sponsoring a Krannert School of Business Capstone Project or Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization, contact:   

Dr. Chad Allred
Krannert School of Business
(765) 494-4460

Dipak Narula
Business Development Manager
Office of Technology Commercialization  dnarula@prf.org
(765) 588-1062

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