Mission Statement: To serve Purdue University through the commercialization of its intellectual property.

Purdue Research Foundation's Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) operates one of the most comprehensive technology transfer programs among leading research universities in the United States. Services provided by this office support the economic development initiatives of Purdue University and benefit the University's academic activities.

Purdue's intellectual property is an asset we strive hard to protect, market and license. We work hand-in-hand with Purdue faculty-, staff- and student-entrepreneurs to provide the resources needed to better understand Purdue policies related to intellectual property and the processes whereby this intellectual property (patents, copyright, trademarks and tangible research property) can become an actual product or service. To ensure the long-term success of the innovations, we take the process one step further — at times — and help our inventors form startup companies complete with investor support and qualified management teams.

Annual report
In fiscal year 2015, Purdue Research Foundation's Office of Technology Commercialization reported 317 invention disclosures, 241 deals finalized to 131 entities, 178 issued U.S. and global patents, 415 global patent applications filed, and royalty income (AUTM definition) at $6.38 million. The foundation also reported the creation of 25 startup companies in FY2015 founded on Purdue University innovations.

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