Becky Myer

Becky Myer

Rebecca A. Myer, Docketing Coordinator, Office of Technology Commercialization.  Becky is responsible for the coordination of all communications between outside parties and OTC.

Becky holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Indiana University in Secondary Education/English.  Prior to joining OTC she retired from a long career in teaching English.

  • What time period do you think would be the most fun to live in and why?  I find the turn of the century (late 1800s, early 1900s) a fascinating period in history.  Not only were the people and their values, morals and society structures fascinating, but the inventions that were created and the social problems they began to correct have effected every generation since.
  • If you could go back in time to have dinner with one person, who would that be?  Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening with Susan B. Anthony discussing women’s issues, or listening to Samuel Clemens’ homespun philosophy, or questioning Thomas Edison about his latest innovative ideas?  I also love the manners and sense of decorum that existed at the turn of the century.  People were polite, rarely vulgar and they dressed for the occasion.  I think the world could do with a little of both those behaviors.  It’s hard to be rude and abrasive when you’re properly dressed and being polite. 
  • If you could take one invention back in time to show off, what would it be, and to what time period would you take it?  My favorite invention of the modern era is air-conditioning.  I can remember, as a child, suffering through the heat and humidity of Indiana summers.  I’d love to invite the great personalities of the turn of the century to enjoy a fine meal in the cold of an air-conditioned room on a very hot, humid, summer day.  I’d just sit and quietly listen to their fascinating conversations. 
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Docketing Coordinator

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Becky Myer

Kurz Purdue Technology Center, 1281 Win Hentschel Blvd., West Lafayette, IN 47906, (765) 588-3470

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