Gwen Bulington

Gwen Bulington

Gwen Bulington, Transactional Paralegal, Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC).  Gwen is responsible for ensuring confidential and proprietary information is kept safe through confidentiality agreements, including but not limited to drafting, review, editing and execution of same.  She also supports the OTC team in reviewing, editing and drafting various other agreements as well as assists with compliance matters as needed or required.

Prior to joining Purdue Research Foundation, Gwen worked in the financial services industry as part of a corporate legal team where her primary focus was to support the company’s overall compliance with applicable law including identifying laws and regulations relevant to product initiatives and the launch thereof while remaining up to date on developments that may alter or add to the company’s existing rules.  Gwen holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree and Paralegal Certificate and brings with her 23 years of combined legal experience in the regulatory compliance and civil litigation fields.

  • What is one invention you just couldn’t live without?  Espresso machine

  • If you could take one invention back in time to show off, what would it be, and to what time period would you take it?  I would take an espresso machine to every time period I could.  Picture it like a scene from the movie “Back to the Future” … “You don’t know about this yet, but you’re gonna love it!”

  • If you could go back in time to have dinner with one person, who would that be?  My Grandma Boatman

  • Write out in three steps what your plan of action would be if a mouse just ran by your door.  Step 1:  Scream; Step 2:  Search quickly for something nearby high enough to climb on; Step 3:  Yell for my husband to catch it!


OTC Title: 
Transactional Paralegal

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Gwen Bulington

The Convergence Center, 101 Foundry Drive, Suite 2500, West Lafayette, IN 47906, (765) 588-3470

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