Inventors and Entrepreneurs


Inventors and Entrepreneurs

One of Purdue University's priorities is to maintain an environment that encourages the development of new products with commercial potential. Achieving this requires a combination of creativity, meticulous application of science and technology, and an understanding of the dynamics of a global market.

If you are a Purdue faculty-, student-, or staff-inventor interested in patenting a technology that you are just starting to develop or have been working on for some time, it's never too early to get familiar with policies and processes through the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC), a division of the Purdue Research Foundation that specializes in taking you through the technology transfer process. Student innovators can review a memo or policies outlining Purdue student intellectual property rules for more information on course-generated innovations.

To ensure that your innovation has the best chance for success, the foundation's Office of Business Development will take you through its award-winning Businessmaker Process™, or the OTC team will work with you to license and market the commercially viable Purdue technology to the appropriate industry partners.

If you are not connected with Purdue, but are an Indiana native who would like to form valuable ties to the University and learn more about how our business outreach services can guide you through the New Economy rules, please contact the Purdue Portals.

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