FY 2010 Startups

FlexTissue Biomedical, LLC

GlucaGo, LLC dba LyoGo

GlucaGo is a medical device company that has engineered a hypoglycemic emergency medical injector that contains both a solid and liquid drug compound, and does not require refrigeration. The device meets all FDA requirements and can be engineered into existing devices.

IVDiagnostics, LLC

IVDiagnostics provides oncologists and pathologists with diagnostic tools for measuring and monitoring circulating tumor cells. The company has 3 different diagnostic tests ranging from a cancer assay diagnostic test to an immunomagnetic hypothermia treatment to eradicate blood born cancer cells.

Linus Pharma, Inc.

Linus Pharma is a privately held pharmaceutical company with ongoing clinical trials in topo-I inhibitors at NCI.

LogView, LLC

LogView is a software program that analyzes veneer and sawmill woods. The LogView analysis program allows you to see the inside of a log so you can make a better decision of how to split the log into flitches, or to maximize yield of your product.  

QE Corporation

SendSor Corporation

Smart Hydraulic Solutions, LLC

Smart Hydraulic Solutions is a technology transfer company that has successfully implemented and demonstrated energy saving DC actuation technology through a mini-excavator test. The company is licensing patents for swash plate pump components that have been proven to increase pump efficiencies by up to 12 percent.

Snare, Inc.

Spensa Technologies

Spensa Technologies offers pest control technology that allows growers to track, trap, interpret, and share pest data.  Using their unique Z-trap, growers can set up the traps at the beginning of the growing season and then monitor the pest populations from a computer or smartphone. 


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