Concordance Health Solutions

Established 2009
Key Personnel

Dr. Laura Downey, Founder and CEO

Steven Klink, Founder

Karen Leeker, VP of Operations

Debra Parent, Administrative and Customer Service Associate

Calvin Moser, Software Engineer

Keli Shideler, Financial Assistant


1281 Win Hentschel Boulevard

West Lafayette, Indiana 47906


Concordance Health Solutions, Inc offers products, services and data to improve patient medication adherence in partnership with pharmacists, healthcare providers and payers. Our products include electronic reminder and monitoring technologies that are simple to integrate into pharmacy practice, inexpensive, fit seamlessly into a patient’s lifestyle, and incorporate feedback loops to patients and healthcare partners to facilitate optimal medication adherence.

Research shows only about 50 percent of patients typically take their medicines as prescribed. U.S., non-adherence affects Americans of all ages, both genders and is just as likely to involve higher-income, well-educated people as those at lower socioeconomic levels. Non-adherence leads to unnecessary disease progression and complications and is estimated to cost almost $300 billion annually in total health care costs. In addition to the negative impact this has on patient health issues, non-adherence hurts many stakeholders interested in prescription medication and healthcare outcomes.

Studies show the most common explanation given for missing a dose is forgetfulness, and patients reminded to take their medications with simple electronic devices have higher adherence. Current technologies, however, are complicated, costly and rely on the patient to set-up and use the device without meaningful support. 

Concordance Health Solutions’ products are the only prescription packaging that integrates the features of an automatically programmed electronic reminder device into the original prescription package from the pharmacy.  Patients feel confident they are getting a device set properly for their needs.


SMARxT Med Reminder System

The SMARxT Med Reminder an inexpensive reminder and monitoring system for prescription medications. The system includes the SMARxT cap, home monitoring station, and web-site interface. The SMARxT Med Reminder is dispensed as part of the original prescription from the pharmacy and requires no manual programming by the patient or pharmacy. Through a patented process, the SMARxT cap automatically pulls dosing instructions from the pharmacy database and is programmed for individual patients.

At home, the system reminds the patient to take their medication and records each dose taken. The home monitoring station then transmits medication taking data to an online database. This record of the patient’s adherence to the medication schedule can then be shared with permission with their pharmacy, physicians, insurer, or caregivers, creating accountability for the patient and enabling those entities to encourage the patient’s adherence where possible. SMARxT Med Reminder Plus is also able to trigger a message to a mobile device or caregiver when a dose is missed.  

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