Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation

Established 1993
Key Personnel

Dr. David J. Waters, Director


3000 Kent Avenue

West Lafayette, Indiana 47906


The Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit research institute that is committed to the prevention of cancer and other age-related diseases through innovative discovery and education.  Research by foundation scientists is providing vital new perspectives on the dose and mechanism of action of cancer-fighting nutrients. To better understand the linkage between cancer and aging, the Murphy Foundation’s Center for Exceptional Longevity Studies is conducting the first systematic study of exceptional longevity in pet dogs.  The research hinges on the idea that pet dogs with extreme longevity – equivalent to humans who live to be 100 years old – offer a valuable scientific opportunity to uncover important clues to understanding what it takes for pets and people to age more successfully and avoid cancer.

We invite you to watch the Foundation’s Director, Dr. David J. Waters, in his TEDx talk “The Oldest Dogs as Our Greatest Teachers: Get the Words Out of Your Eyes."

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