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Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette

Solution Specialist 12/1/2020 Solinftec
Director of Development-Engineering Administration 12/1/2020 Purdue for Life Foundation
Senior Research Scientist - Microspectroscopist 11/30/2020 AMRI
Research Scientist I – Particle Engineering 11/30/2020 AMRI
Senior Research Scientist – Materials Science 11/30/2020 AMRI
Research Scientist I/II-Chromatography 11/30/2020 AMRI
Research Scientist II/III-Dissolution-Chromatography 11/30/2020 AMRI
Graphic Designer 11/30/2020 Purdue for Life Foundation
Front End Web Designers and Engineers 11/30/2020 Ag-Analytics Technology Company, LLC.
Full Stack Developer 11/30/2020 Ag-Analytics Technology Company, LLC.
Associate Director or Director, Manufacturing Solutions 11/30/2020 Parsolex
Project Manager, Digital Campaigns 11/25/2020 Purdue for Life Foundation
Project Manager, Unit Campaigns 11/25/2020 Purdue for Life Foundation
Staff Analytical Scientist 11/25/2020 Novilytic
Staff Accountant-Payroll and Accounts Payable 11/13/2020 Purdue Research Foundation
Senior Investment Analyst, Office of Investments 11/12/2020 Purdue Research Foundation
Accounts Payable Associate 11/12/2020 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Technology Commercialization Intern-Life Sciences or Chemistry 11/4/2020 Purdue Research Foundation
Manufacturing Engineer 9/30/2020 Saab
Senior Master Planner 9/30/2020 Saab
Buyer-Commodity Professional 9/30/2020 Saab
Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manager 9/30/2020 Saab
Research Scientist II/III – Particle Engineering 9/29/2020 AMRI
Research Scientist II – Particle Engineering 9/29/2020 AMRI
Senior Research Scientist – Particle Engineering 9/29/2020 AMRI
Director of Project Management 9/25/2020 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Research Associate - Phenotyping 9/22/2020 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Research Intern 9/15/2020 On Target Laboratories
Scientist - Plant Molecular Characterization 9/15/2020 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Scientist - Molecular Breeding and Genotyping 9/9/2020 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Research Associate - Next Generation Sequencing 8/31/2020 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Regional Sales Specialist 8/27/2020 Solinftec
Customer Success Specialist 8/25/2020 Solinftec
Manager, Supply Chain 7/1/2020 Saab
Sales Representative 5/26/2020 Rogo Ag
Marketing Manager 5/26/2020 Rogo Ag
Research Associate Genotyping 5/13/2020 Inari Agriculture, Inc.
Engineering Manager 4/14/2020 Rogo Ag
Sales and Marketing Manager 4/14/2020 Rogo Ag
Software Engineer (Robot Perception/CV/AI) 4/14/2020 Rogo Ag
Software Engineer - Fullstack 4/14/2020 Rogo Ag
Mechanical Engineer 4/14/2020 Rogo Ag
Electrical Engineer 4/14/2020 Rogo Ag
Administrative Assistant 1/2/2020 Rogo Ag
Software Engineer, Part Time 1/2/2020 Rogo Ag
Robot Operator, Temporary 8/15/2019 Rogo Ag


Kurz Purdue Technology Center, 1281 Win Hentschel Blvd., West Lafayette, IN 47906, 765-588-3470

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